Various - nederpop 1965 - 1975 vol. 2

Opening up with an MC introducing the band to an enthusiastic crowd, 'Story 16' opened up with some nice grungy Tax harmonica and then dived headlong into classic sweaty garage territory, before shifting into distinctive lysergic territory.   You could have easily mistaken these guys for The Shadows of the Night tripping into the darkness.  Awesome way to start the album and one of the album highlights. rating: **** stars

Na het overlijden van Ronnie -- bijna twee jaar geleden -- is het niet meer mogelijk om The Outsiders te boeken. De twee overgebleven bandleden spelen nog wel in een ...

During the 1960s garage rock was not recognized as a distinct genre and had no specific name, but critical hindsight in the early 1970s—and particularly the release of the 1972 compilation album Nuggets —did much to define and memorialize the style. Between 1971 and 1973 certain rock critics began to retroactively identify the music as a genre and for several years used the term " punk rock " to describe it, making it the first form of music to bear the description, predating the more familiar use of the term appropriated by the later punk rock movement of the mid- to late-1970s that it influenced. The term "garage rock" came into use at the beginning of the 1980s and eventually gained favor amongst devotees. The genre has also been referred to as "garage punk", " '60s punk", or " proto-punk ".

Various - Nederpop 1965 - 1975 Vol. 2Various - Nederpop 1965 - 1975 Vol. 2Various - Nederpop 1965 - 1975 Vol. 2